May 12, 2011

my first time

This is something I have been thinking about doing for awhile. Well, blogging is – not necessarily blogging about food. I couldn’t decide what to blog about but I knew I wanted to have a focus. I started a blog with which I planned on documenting my relocation to Australia from Canada, but after a month of living in Australia my husband, Nathan, decided I was taking too long to do so and he started one. That plan went belly up. So what to blog about remained unknown.

I want to blog because I want to have a creative outlet. I thoroughly enjoy writing, with my professional background being in communications. I also love photography, but in that I am far from professional. What I don’t understand is why I haven’t thought of this sooner. I absolutely adore cooking. Blog or no blog, I would pretty much rather be in my kitchen with a recipe and some fresh ingredients than do anything else. So, they say it is better late than never and I guess this falls under that advice. I am starting to blog about one of the things I love to do most, cook. Now this is a hobby I am going to enjoy.

I hope you, whoever you might be, enjoy reading about all of my triumphs and even my failures, as I promise not to hold back. With my main focus being on sharing recipes that are tried and true, I will talk about all things food in this blog. Because I love it. And if you are reading this blog, you love it too…or, maybe you just love me (hi Mom!).